About TechAtlas 

TechAtlas is a web-based planning tool that your nonprofit can use to assess your current technology use and to receive recommendations on how to better implement technology to achieve your mission.

To make the most effective use of technology, start by assessing your current capacity and then plan on how to improve it. This is particularly true for smaller nonprofits that have few resources to devote to technology.  TechAtlas assists your organization in doing this assessment and planning.

TechAtlas provides technical advice and planning assistance and is designed to be used either: a) directly by a staff member at your nonprofit organization, or b) with the support of a technical assistance provider or consultant. 

For more detail on how to use TechAtlas, read the User Guide (1.8 MB file in Adobe acrobat  format)

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The Process

To help you integrate technology more effectively into your organization, TechAtlas will walk you through a technology planning process. It is designed to follow these steps:

  • Envision how technology can work at your organization.
    Use your mission as your guide, create a technology vision, and establish a technology team to support your efforts.
  • Assess the current state of your technology.
    Based on your assessment, TechAtlas will recommend certain next steps to advance your organization along the path to more effective use of technology.
  • Prioritize the technology improvements recommended by TechAtlas and your Partners.
    Be sure to customize each recommendation so they are best suited to your organization. 
  • Act on your plans to make technology work for your organization.
    Building on its recommendations, TechAtlas will outline a timeline and Action Plan that you can edit and refine. In addition to being your Action Plan, this document may serve as supporting documentation for raising funds.

We've tried to offer the most helpful information available, but no website is the same as a real live information technology professional at your elbow. If you are unfamiliar with technology assistance (TA) professionals in your area, ask other nonprofits for referrals or check out TechSoup's directory of technology resources.

The Funders

TechAtlas was built by NPower and TechRocks with generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (to NPower), The James Irvine Foundation (to NPower), The SBC Foundation (to NPower), AOL Foundation (to TechRocks), and the Verizon Foundation (to TechRocks). In addition, the project drew from the work and knowledge of many nonprofit technology assistance providers funded by numerous foundations and corporations.


TechAtlas provides advice based on responses to a series of questions about your technology. Since it is impossible to gauge the exact status of technology and the situation in your office without being there, we can not guarantee these recommendations will work for every organization.  Prior to implementing these recommendations organizations should double-check their plan with a trusted technology expert, particularly if there is considerable cost involved.

The advice on TechAtlas assessments was developed by NPower and TechRocks in consultation with other technology assistance providers. It attempts to represent the best practices in the field.

Because the TechAtlas system allows other technology assistance providers to build their own assessments and recommendations, NPower and TechRocks cannot verify the accuracy of these recommendations.

Privacy Policy

In short, NPower  will not share your organization-specific data with anybody that you don't specify. We will use the data in aggregate form to  examine how the nonprofit sector utilizes technology.  Your partner organizations will be able to view and edit your information, depending on the permissions you give them.

See the specifics of our privacy policy.

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